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We are all about people 


It all started when…

Dr. Mark Vaughan started out with his wife, LeeAnn, Nurse Lisa Gall, and Jaime Helm, to start a new primary care medical office for Auburn in 2005. Our core values when we opened focused on providing the most appropriate medical care to patients and leveraging technology as best we can.

This strategy was blessed as we grew to the equivalent of four full-time medical providers by late 2017. Our patient approach, which includes time, listening, and touch, was especially rewarded during this time. Spending time with patients and listening to them resulted in superior patient health outcomes as measured by Medicare and other payers. This is partly due to changes put in place by President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. The act required, and still does, that insurance companies cannot charge different rates or drop coverage on the basis of preexisting medical conditions. Now health insurance companies have a financial interest in keeping patients well over time. So now, more and more, they are adjusting provider payment to reward value over volume. Our superior patient wellness measures resulted in the Auburn Medical Group growing over the last few years as other practices have been closing to Medicare patients.

Our unique emphasis on preventive measures and wellness achieves optimum results only with patient participation. A person’s health, to a large extent, is in their own hands. We provide the latest medical knowledge and ways to apply that knowledge. We provide evidence-based testing and interventions. Then we track outcomes as patients put this knowledge into practice.


Core Values

  • People Matter

    • Patients

    • Staff

  • Wellness Matters

    • Patients

    • Staff

  • Leveraging Technology

Patient approach

  • Time

  • Listen

  • Touch